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Our house is located in the Bommelerwaard, a region in the south-west of the Dutch province Gelderland, located between the rivers de Waal in the north, and de Maas in the east and south, and the dammed Maas in the west. There are located several castles in the Bommelerwaard, Slot loevestein, Kasteel Ammersoyen, Huis van Malsen, Kasteel Nederhemert, and Slot Rossum.

There are many nice villages with restaurants and terraces, and walk and bike paths through the nature and over dikes. Also on the motor or in the car it is a beautiful surounding for touring. 

Everywhere around you there are rivers and dikes. Within walking distance of the house (5 minutes) there is the beautiful sandy beach het Esmeerwith a huge playground, old harbour, and a bistro  where you can eat delicious food. And a snackbar where you can eat, and which deliveres as well. A slightly longer walk on the dike along the river (2.5 kilometers) is a unique location to drink or eat something, and it also opens already from 10 AM:

Tres tapas-Tapas&winebar Aalst. There is also a small supermarket, the MCD,  and a fresh bakery with fresh bread and all kinds of pastries every day 5 minutes away: Bakery van Horssen.



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